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Rêvelation comes at the convergence of beauty and precision.

The genesis of each of our lab grown diamonds is a perfect blend of art and science, achieved under precisely calibrated conditions to achieve brilliant gemstones of the highest standard.

From origin to completion, Rêvelation lab grown diamond jewelry is the manifestation of the next generation of luxury and sustainability.



True brilliance comes from our deep belief in the highest sustainability standards and diamond certification.

Our commitment transcends mere words: our processes and corporate activities are audited and monitored by global third-party leaders in supply chain sustainability like SCS Global Services and the Responsible Jewellery Council, while our lab grown diamonds are certified by leading independent gemological laboratories, like the International Gemological Institute and the Gemological Institute of America.



Every Rêvelation lab grown diamond is the culmination of process perfected.

We believe that the most brilliant of lab grown diamonds begins with the most thorough of research and attention to detail.


Building on years of both industry and internal process development, we have built a rigorous system for crafting the purest of lab grown diamonds with state-of-the-art technology. Starting as a mere sliver of diamond seed, each gemstone is grown through exacting care, giving birth to true beauty and brilliance of the highest standard.

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Excellence in sustainability comes from our commitment to transparency and trust.

Rêvelation lab grown diamonds have been awarded SCS-007 Official Certification with an “A” rating by SCS Global Services, having established the most stringent benchmarks for sustainable accountability, transparency, and provenance assurance for the diamond industry. This certification ensures that Rêvelation gemstones grown in our laboratories are not only brilliant but also stand for environmental responsibility, climate neutrality, and sustainable production from their very origin.

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Our jewelry crafting centers are audited and monitored under the stringent guidelines of the Responsible Jewellery Council. The RJC Code of Practices (COP) is the foundation of the council’s work, addressing human rights, social responsibility, environmental impact, product disclosure, and other topics in the jewelry supply chain. It also ensures the precious metals we use are sourced and processed ethically every step of the way.

We’re empowering your choice for a better world.

As a subsidiary brand of HK Designs Inc.®, a global leader in sustainable gemstones, we are committed to making a real-world impact. Our parent company’s initiatives focus on women’s empowerment, healthcare, and environmental conservation, and were even recognized by the United Nations in 2023.

When you choose Rêvelation, you're not just making a personal statement; you're actively contributing to a more equitable world. Your choice supports our collective mission to uplift vulnerable communities and protect the earth.


Your Choice, Your Future, Your Rêvelation.

The Rêvelation lab grown diamond you wear is more than a brilliant gemstone: it's an everlasting symbol of your choices, values, and vision for the future. A true choice for a world where ethical elegance defines true beauty. A true choice for a better tomorrow. A true Rêvelation.

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