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The perfect choice for the diamond of tomorrow.

At Rêvelation we craft impeccable lab grown diamonds and jewelry for the next generation of luxury. Your choice, your diamond, your Rêvelation.

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Impeccable pieces crafted from lab grown
diamonds with zero compromise.



True brilliance with
exceptional clarity.

We offer the highly intentional individual a choice that excels in every way: the most brilliant of lab grown diamond jewelry with a provenance and sustainability stewardship that sets it far above the rest.

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Rêvelation gives you the choice to create your own tomorrow with intentionality and exceptional beauty. Our finely tuned processes are forging the future with lab grown diamonds of the most pristine quality, creating an opportunity to choose a brilliant gemstone that meets every one of your standards.

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Our state-of-the-art process gives birth to diamonds of exceptional clarity and brilliance.

A piece of Rêvelation lab grown diamond jewelry signifies your choice for a sustainable future. Each piece is ethically crafted, conforming to a range of rigorous independent third-party diamond certification and sustainability standards, ensuring that you can be confident in the quality and positive environmental and social impact of your Rêvelation jewelry.

"Happiness is not by chance, but by choice."

- Jim Rohn


Ethical, elegant, exceptional. We're giving you the
choice — to choose your diamond and your future.

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Impeccably crafted with conscience.

Through the fusion of art and science, each lab grown diamond emerges as a testament to nature's potential and human ingenuity.

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Within a perfectly-calibrated vacuum chamber, a delicate diamond seed embarks on its transformative journey, nurtured by pure carbon elements.

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Under meticulously tuned conditions of intense heat and pressure, the carbon gracefully crystallizes, echoing nature’s choreography.


As time passes, what began as a humble seed matures into a gemstone of unparalleled clarity and integrity, ready to be finely sculpted into a brilliant and exceptional Rêvelation lab grown diamond.

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Where ethical responsibility shines brightest.

Rêvelation lab grown diamonds are not only independently certified for their strict gemological properties, but are fully compliant with a deep range of best-in-class global sustainability, social responsibility, and ethics standards.

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By employing and applying rigorous independent diamond certification and sustainability standards, we ensure our lab grown diamond jewelry excels as much in earth stewardship as in its brilliance.

All Rêvelation laboratories, cutting facilities, and jewelry crafting centers are independently audited and monitored by experts like SCS Global Services and the Responsible Jewellery Council for the highest possible ethical standards in respect to environmental impact, lab practices, human rights, social responsibility, product disclosure, and other topics in the jewelry supply chain.

A Rêvelation lab grown diamond is a choice for the earth and a choice for the future. Together, these organizations ensure both our process and impact are fully transparent and held to the highest standards.

Our diamonds are certified at the most popular diamond certification labs: